How To Give To Hope Fellowship

We want to make giving a simple as possible. If you would like to give with a credit or debit card, click the button below to give online now. If you want to pay with a check, make the check payable to Hope Fellowship, and either put it in the basket on Sunday, or mail it to the address below.

As you click the button below and are redirected to the giving portal, please consider giving via bank transfer. Credit/debit card fees are costly, and there is only a 25 cent charge on bank transfers regardless of the size of the gift.

Mail Checks to:

Hope Fellowship

Attention: Finance Department

PO BOX 18327

Knoxville, TN, 37928

Why give?

Sacrificial giving is an important aspect of the Christian life and is a common theme throughout Scripture. For the rich young ruler, salvation hinged on his willingness to sacrifice his material abundance. For Zacchaeus, his response to salvation prompted him to make a financial sacrifice and pay back those he had wronged in the past, while also giving to the needy. When the early church assembled, they sold their possessions and distributed the proceeds so everyone's needs were met. At Hope Fellowship, we desire to move forward in Christian ministry as we all make a sacrificial yet cheerful contribution to the church through financial giving. Spiritually, we give in obedience to Scripture, but practically, we give to see the vision of Hope Fellowship become a reality. Your faithfulness to give provides the resources necessary for Hope Fellowship to fulfill the vision God has set before us.

Our commitment to financial integrity

We understand that giving is a sacrifice, and Hope Fellowship is committed to the highest level of financial integrity and giving systems. The Lord is leading many individuals, families, and partners to give to Hope Fellowship, and we are committed to stewarding your contributions with care. We’re determined to make wise financial decisions so that we avoid unnecessary financial pressures that might restrict the pursuit of our vision. 

For questions about finances, giving online, and other information related to money, email