I Want to Help...

As a church, we want to live out the idea of life in community. One way we can start this is by helping out church partners who are in need. Below, you will find a list of needs with an email address to contact the person or family in need. We ask that, as a partner of Hope Fellowship, you be willing to check this list periodically and help out where you can!

  • Kertesha Riley is looking for a playpen and stroller to borrow for her sister and 1 year old niece’s visit. She needs it by July 17. If you are able to help, you can call or text her at 407-267-0115.

  • Shora Foundation is planning for a fundraising event in October. They are bringing Opera to East Knoxville! Tanika Haper is looking for 2-3 people who love planning events to help form a planning committee. For more information, contact Tanika at 865-208-5254 by text or email shorafoundation@gmail.com