I Want to Help...

As a church, we want to live out the idea of life in community. One way we can start this is by helping out church partners who are in need. Below, you will find a list of needs with an email address to contact the person or family in need. We ask that, as a partner of Hope Fellowship, you be willing to check this list periodically and help out where you can!

  • April Jackson will be serving at Carolina Point where they will have 278 babies and 537 teen moms and she needs your help! They want teen moms to come to camp and be free to be a teenager again without all the stress and worries of home. In order to do that, they try to provide some basic things for their babies that they may forget to bring to camp or lose while at camp due to all the moving pieces at camp. We also have child care nurseries and equip the nurseries with rockers, pack and plays, extra bibs, bottles, sippie cups, and clothing. She is inviting you to join her as they encourage teen moms that what may seem impossible is possible. April loves to stand up in front of girls and tell them that not everyone is against them but they have people rooting for them from up close and afar. If you would like to join April, please click the link to the Amazon Baby Registry to help make this week special for teen moms and their babies. Camp dates are July 21-Aug 3. They need items by July 12! Questions? Contact April at 1800apriljackson@gmail.com.



  • Gail Rivera just bought a new home and needs handymen/women to help with any of the following: painting, refinishing hardwood floors, removing and installing new tubs, installing walk-in shower, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, countertops, dishwasher, floor/wall tile work, building small interior wall, drywall mudding, shaving doors to fit. She will buy all materials and willing to pay reasonable price for labor. Call 616-232-1168 if you can help!

  • Gail Rivera’s daughter Damaris needs a handyman or woman to help move some dirt (wheelbarrow would be helpful), install floor trim (nail gun would be helpful), and fix/replace her bathroom vent fan. If you or someone you know can help, call Gail at 616-232-1168.