Communication Requests

You’ll find work request forms for a variety of project needs below. A list of our average turn-around times for common projects can be found to the right.

Please note that the forms below are simply requests, not contracts. All communications will be processed through our appropriate channels and guidelines.

Generally, for events that pertain to the entire congregation, it is best to start promoting them 1-2 months ahead for smaller events, and 3-5 months ahead for larger events and commitments. While we work to complete design assets as quickly as possible, the average turnaround time is 1-2 weeks, not including production time (if necessary). These time also vary based on what channel you are requesting a design for (print, web, social media, etc.) Please keep this in mind when planning.

Have a need other than what you see listed below? Email

Ministry Event

For any events related to family ministries, all-church activities, or special events.

Design Request

Have something that you'd like designed or printed apart from a ministry event? Let us know all the details here.


For any corrections or updates to existing web pages, including meeting times, graphics, and contact information.


Is something broken, in need of repair, or in need of special attention? Let us know using this form.


For anything that might require an announcement outside of a regular ministry event.