At Hope Fellowship, young people of all ages learn about the story of  Jesus Christ as they study the Bible in an age appropriate and relevant way. Our curriculum will always be engaging and a great opportunity for our kids and students to interact with the story of the Bible.


Planning a visit and want to pre-register your kids? You can do that here!

We welcome kids of all ages and abilities! Our HopeKids team believes that when Jesus said let the little children come to me, He meant ALL little children. For that reason, we have a team trained for kids with all behaviors and a sensory room available if needed.

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Hope Nursery | 10:15 AM

0-3 year-olds will be cared for in a loving and nurturing environment while parents are in our main worship gathering. Children will enjoy fun activities, Bible stories, and a snack. Parents can drop their little one(s) off with our volunteers and know they will be safe and have fun!

Hope kids church | 10:15 aM

We would love to see our elementary students in our worship gatherings with us, but we know that sometimes they are too young to sit in the service, they'd rather be with their friends, or their parents would rather have them being cared for in a separate environment. For that reason, we have Hope Kids Church available for pre-K to fifth graders. This is a time for kids to have fun engaging in worship and participating in activities! 

Hope Kids Church is designed to create an engaging learning environment for kids pre-K to fifth grade. Our goal is for kids to leave knowing something knew about Jesus and able to answer "YES" when their parents ask if they had fun!

*every volunteer who works with children goes through a screening process that involves a background check and training sessions


If you have a question, comment, or you want more information, fill out a Hope Next Generation information card!

We offer goldfish, SMART popcorn, veggie straws, apple sauce, and Cheez-its as snack options. Please let one of our volunteers know if any of these are NOT okay for your child to eat.

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