Hope Fellowship exists to be a christ-centered multiethnic, multi-generational church working to see our city redeemed and renewed by the gospel. 



We believe that communicating the story of what Jesus Christ accomplished by dying on the cross is the most important thing a church can do. We want people to know that Christ died to bring grace and peace by paying the penalty of our sin on the cross. The story of the cross is the center of all that Hope Fellowship Church does. 


We know that simply hearing about Jesus is not all God wants for His people. God desires a relationship with us that we live out daily. Therefore as a community of faith we work to nurture our relationship with God by studying and applying HIS word to all areas of our lives.

Multi-ethnic and Multi-generational  

We believe God has designed His church to be multiethnic and multigenerational, and our desire is to reflect this beautiful dynamic as we reflect His kingdom. We do this not to be hip or trendy but to embody the message that Christ died to reconcile us to Himself and to one another. We believe that reconciliation is accomplished as God brings people of all ethnicities and generations into a relationship with Jesus and calls us to walk in the unity we have in Christ.


Hope Fellowship Church is committed to making disciples locally and globally. It is our desire to send out ethnic church planters to engage the people of their culture with the gospel here in Knoxville. As we grow as a church, we want to see our involvement in global missions grow as well. 


We strive to be a church that serves the city and the people who live here. We believe God has called us to be committed to seeing all areas of the community touched by the gospel. We believe this  calling is revealed not only when Christians gather on Sunday mornings but also when we are on mission to be a blessing to the community at all times and in tangible ways.