Centerpointe Church has been ministering to Knoxville since 1970. Centerpointe is a church deeply committed to making disciples and bringing hope to everyone they come across  by using their facilities to meet needs to the glory of God. Centerpointe, in obedience to how they believe The Holy Spirit is leading, has a desire to gift Hope Fellowship their building. They believe the missional heartbeat of Centerpointe and the vision of Centerpointe is compatible with the work that God has called Hope Fellowship to be a part of. This gift is intended to allow Hope Fellowship to do ministry to the level that we are called to, while at the same time letting the legacy and ministry of Centerpointe continue to have  kingdom impact for the next generation of disciples.

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A Note From Pastor Dominque Lee

As the lead pastor of Hope Fellowship, it is my job to lead our church spiritually and with directional leadership. This looks like daily prayer for our church members, counseling, prioritizing member care, and praying for and planning the course ahead. Because my role is to lead our church, the intricate details of Hope Fellowship are always in front of me. Because I can see all the moving parts at once, I am always thinking through what decisions need to be made to keep us focused on our mission and operating efficiently as an organization. This is how I have approached this decision to pursue this opportunity.

If you are like me, when hearing about the possibility of being gifted a 3 million dollar building, it is easy to get excited and hopeful. If you are like me, hearing that the building is not directly in East Knoxville can make your heart drop! With these thoughts running through my mind, I wanted to be sure that I prayed. As I began to pray, there were several leaders in our church that I wanted to share this information with. I figured if any of these wise voices gave me any feedback that was negative and unsupportive, this process would be over and there would be nothing more to consider. These leaders were supportive and affirmed that they know The Lord speaks to me, and even though they didn't have all the details as of yet, they trusted that God would give me wisdom. I asked these leaders to affirm or deny me the ability to move forward with exploring what we believe is an open door until God closes it. Those leaders were:

  1. Hope’s Advisory Team: (Sonia Joubert, Baffin Harper, Allan Davidson)

  2. Hope’s Teaching Team: (Ashton Cooper, Phillip Joubert, Emory Lollis, Andrew Dacus, and Charlie Lewis)

  3. Hope Fellowship Members: James Halter & Octavia Harper, Corey Belden

  4. Jason Hayes (Lead Pastor of Shoreline Church)

Before this opportunity came up, I already had someone looking into building options for us. When we moved to Austin East, we said that we would give it a year and then evaluate what was next. In September 2018, we hit the six month mark, and at that time, I began to have someone look into other options. I love meeting at Austin East. However, whether it is this building that has currently been presented to us or another building option in the future, it is my conclusion that we need to be in a more permanent facility that will serve as a home base for us. A more permanent facility will give the stability, increased ministry capacity, and freedom we need to really home in on the mission and vision that God has called us to.

When all things are considered, I think the real deciding question is “Will Hope Fellowship abandon East Knoxville?” The answer is absolutely not. We will not stop doing ministry in East Knoxville. We believe God is positioning us to do more ministry there through this opportunity. While this new facility will bring opportunities for new ministry, it is not going to change who we are as a church or our commitment to East Knoxville.

In the days ahead, we will have several opportunities to discuss this further, go on a vision tour, and vote on this opportunity. In the meantime, here is what I am asking of you as your Pastor:

1. Commit to prayer: Pray about this daily.

2. Ask: With a decision of this magnitude, we do not want to give Satan any opportunity to use our unasked questions as a way to cause confusion, anxiety, or distraction. There can be no clarity given to an unasked question, so please ask.

3. Trust Hope’s Leadership Team: You will hear from them personally in the days to come.